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I am a former retail operations and people development consultant and father of two, living on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Having spent over 17 years in retail I saw the need to support people as individuals not just as employees and left my job to support people in doing what they want and creating a life structure that fits their purpose.

Over the last few years, I have worked with people all over the world to create the life they want. I have worked with CEO's, Actors, Singers, Mums and Dads and Business owners just to name a few, and with my support, they have created the life they wanted for them, their business and their family. 

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Coaching, either life coaching or business coaching, helps people grow to their highest potential in both their personal and professional lives. A great coach will create an environment that allows you to explore your blinds spots, fears or beliefs that may be holding you back in life or business and overcome these on the way towards your ultimate goal.

A life coach is not a mentor. A mentor is a subject matter expert who can give advice to others, a life coach enables and guides people to be the expert of themselves. As a coach I make none of your decisions, that’s on you. You are responsible for your actions and therefore your results, I just help you clear the path to kick ass in your life.

A life coach is not a therapist. While I am personally studying as a counsellor, that is not the role I play as a life coach. Therapy spends the majority of its time working to resolve issues of the past.

Life coaching spends all its time working on the future and things you can control to get your result.

Life coaching can be tricky to explain, I recommend having a coaching experience before signing up with any coach. That’s why I offer free discovery sessions, you can book one by sending me an email.



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I am honoured to be a Practioner Member of the NLP Association of Australia and abide by their standards for training, education and ethical standards.

I am a certified Practioner of Time Line Therapy.


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